We have a new Website!

Over the past year NWTA has gone through a huge effort to develop a new website. We set out to build something that would do a better job providing the information our members need (upcoming events, news, how to get involved), offer information to folks unfamiliar with the area about the trail regions we manage, … Read More


Status: Currently open. Stay within boundaries of the land delineated on the Rocky Point Map. TEMPORARY TRAIL CLOSURE ROCKY Point North Until further notice (but for roughly one week), all Rocky Point trails on the North Side with the exception of RP United trail will be closed from 7am-4pm Monday through Friday. There will be heavy … Read More

Rocky Point Weyerhaeuser Agreement Details

What exactly is this relationship between NWTA and Weyerhaeuser? Weyerhaeuser is a timber company. They own land for the purpose of extracting wood fibre, but they also realize that their land has value beyond forest harvest. They manage the land with periods of scheduled harvest, but forestry is a long-game, and most of the forest … Read More

Rocky Point Trailforks

Trailforks at Rocky Point Maps of the trails in Rocky Point have been compiled and uploaded to TrailForks as hidden trails. To be able to view these hidden trails, one must be added to the NWTA Rocky Point group on TrailForks How do I get Access? NWTA membership is current, and member is in good … Read More

NWTA Board Bios – Paul Hobson

Paul Hobson joined the NWTA board in 2018. He has been an on- and off-road cyclist and cycling advocate for the past 15 years. He cut his teeth in the bike world commuting to and from college in Atlanta, GA. After finishing his masters degree in civil engineering, focusing on sediment transport and erosion, he … Read More

NWTA Board Bios – Owen Rodabaugh

Owen Rodabaugh joined the NWTA board in 2018 and is our Treasurer. You can reach Owen at [email protected] Tell us a little about yourself, Owen. I was born and raised in Outer NE Portland. I had a mountain bike as a teenager but didn’t start riding trails until 2008 when a friend took me out … Read More

NWTA Board Bios – Juntu Oberg

Juntu joined the NWTA board in 2018 and became Vice President in 2019. She has been active in the Portland/Vancouver mountain bike community since NWTA was P.U.M.P. and is well-known and loved in the Growlers Gulch family. Juntu is Bob’s right hand, filling in when necessary and providing invaluable assistance to the rest of the … Read More

Women’s Switchback Climbing Clinic/Ride (Intermediate)

This intermediate level clinic & ride will be at the Growlers Gulch Trail system in Castle Rock, WA Come fine tune your climbing skills, especially when it comes to cornering and switchbacks. We will be covering tricks and skills to help you master those tricky turns while climbing. An intermediate ride will follow the clinic. … Read More

TSI’s Crew Leader Training at Klootchy Creek

Crew Leaders are essential to the success of trail building work parties. These individuals provide guidance, vision and share their knowledge with their crew of trail builders. If you are a seasoned Trail Steward who is interested in expanding your skills and tapping into becoming a leader, this training is for you! Northwest Trail Alliance’s … Read More