NWTA Bios – Daniel Stuart

Daniel has been volunteering his time & talents with NWTA since 2018. He is leading the project of revamping our website (finally!). He is our moderator for TrailForks, which means he’s the one that uploaded all of the trails at Rocky Point to the program, as well providing all of our members access to them.

You can reach Daniel at [email protected]

Let’s get to know Daniel.

What do you love about mountain biking?

I love the access to nature that mountain biking allows. It’s easy to see so much more compared to alternative back country modes of travel. It’s also a blast to rip down a technical section of trail and only be able to think about the ride in that moment. It’s can be very meditative when you’re in the zone.

What’s your favorite place to ride?

Sandy Ridge, but soon to be Rocky Point as we build it out

What do you ride?

Felt Decree (my best bud from college designed it!)

How long have you been riding/mountain biking?

20 years, racing for about 15 of those.

Why do you want to join the NWTA board?

I joined NWTA because I wanted to give back to the mountain bike community. Back when I raced, that took up all of my time. Now that I’ve stopped, I’d like to spend that time advocating for the sport that I love and help it grow

Anything else you’d like to get the word out about?

A shout out to all of the other NWTA folks that are helping keep up the trails we love and making some serious progress in expanding mountain biking in this region.

Come out to our January Member Meeting at Chris King Precision Components on Sunday January 19th from 3-5pm to cast your vote!