NWTA Bios – Jered Bogli

Jered came to NWTA when we signed the groundbreaking Rocky Point Trails agreement. He has spent countless hours laying the groundwork for an amazing trail system for all of our members to enjoy.

He wants everyone to know that we are looking for folks that want rad trails close to home and are willing to LEAD – come out and help us make world class trails in our backyard. Details of the work parties can be found HERE.

You can reach Jered at [email protected]

Let’s get to know Jered.


What do you love about mountain biking?

Going fast in the woods.
Exploring and getting lost.

What’s your favorite place to ride?

Rocky Point Trails

What do you ride?

Canfield EPO and a Knolly Warden

How long have you been riding/mountain biking?

… PFFF…30 years… Got my first bike, a Giant Iguana when I was 15.

Why did you join NWTA?

Rocky Point Trails. NWTA acquired me with the lease. We have over 2000 members now, if every member tagged the mayor and all the city commissioners in EVERY mountain biking post they make asking about the status of Off-road cycling master plan and the timeframe for VALID single track trails in PDX, if everyone did that once a week, we’d have CHANGE in under six months.

Anything else you’d like to get the word out about?

Everyone has a skill that the NWTA needs. We NEED your help.

Come out to our January Member Meeting at Chris King Precision Components on Sunday January 19th from 3-5pm to cast your vote!