NWTA Bios – Jered Bogli

Jered came to NWTA when we signed the groundbreaking Rocky Point Trails agreement. He has spent countless hours laying the groundwork for an amazing trail system for all of our members to enjoy and is our current Volunteer Director as of 2021.

He wants everyone to know that we are looking for folks that want rad trails close to home and are willing to LEAD – come out and help us make world-class trails in our backyard. Details of the work parties can be found HERE.

You can reach Jered at [email protected]

We had the time to ask Jered some questions about himself and why he is involved with NWTA:

How and when did you first get involved with NWTA (joined NWTA and became a board member)?
I joined NWTA when I became a board member last in January of 2019 (I think that is when I joined the board… I can’t remember…)

Why did you join the NWTA board?
I came with the Rocky Point lease; I wanted the folks who have always been working at RP to directly voice how the property was developed, so joining the board seemed like the best way to have that voice.

What part of NWTA’s mission resonates with you?
What are your plans to help move this forward? Many parts of the mission resonate with me. I love riding trails and building trails equally. I believe trail building is an excellent pathway to leadership; taking something you love and applying that passion to people new to trail work is powerful. I want to get more youth involved in trail work and leadership. We should always be looking for our replacements!

When did you first start mountain biking/what was your first bike?
I began riding a MTB in Connecticut back in the early 90’s. My first bike was a full rigid Giant Iguana. I grew up in Central CT, and we had endless trails 15 min pedal from my home. Growing up with this incredible trail access, I assumed everywhere had at least this level of trail access, the hikers, bikers, and horses all got along just fine – then I moved to Portland and was so confused. How could such a progressive bike-friendly city hate and fear mountain bikes so much?

What do you love about mountain biking?
Being in the woods and playing in the dirt.

Favorite place to ride?
I’ll always have a soft spot for my home trails at Case Mountain… but I also really like Rocky Point because I feel at home in those woods.

Favorite tool to use on the trail?
My brain.

What do you do during the day (that pays your bills)?
I am an Art Director.

What song do you listen to to get pumped up (for a ride or for a dig day)?
I’ve been very into Bitter Branches, Punative Damage, and Faim as of late, but often in the car, there is classic punk and hardcore on the radio.

Anything else you want to share about yourself with our members?
If you see somebody on the trail, ALWAYS SAY “HI,” and if they look lost, hurt, or just out of sorts, check-in and make sure everything is ok; being friendly is far more important than your PR – bikes are fun, let’s keep it that way!