NWTA Board Bios – Scooter Sutterer

Scooter has been a part of NWTA community for many years. He has volunteered his time and talents to our mountain bike community for over 14 years. In 2019 when we signed the groundbreaking lease with the land manager for the Rocky Point Recreational Area Scooter happily joined the board with the focus of being the leader for the Rocky Point Local Stewardship Team.

You can reach Scooter at [email protected]

Tell us a little about yourself, Scooter.

What do you love about mountain biking?

For me, it’s all about fun. Getting out with friends, a good challenge, and staying in shape. I also have to burn lots of calories so I can enjoy more cookies, pizza, and beer.

Your favorite place to ride in the Portland/Vancouver area?

I try to ride as many trails as possible but Rocky Point and Sandy Ridge are my go-to trails.

What bikes do you ride?

I mix it up with bikes, too. I have a Santa Cruz Bronson for big hit trails. A Yeti SB 100 for cross country and a Salsa Cutthroat for gravel and green trails.

How long have you been riding/mountain biking?

I started in 2003 when I lived on the East Coast. Delaware and Pennsylvania had some good cross country trails for learning. The trails in the PNW were a big part of why I moved here.

Why did you join the NWTA board?

I had been going to meetings and work parties for many years. I saw the great things that the board and organization were accomplishing. I wanted to be a bigger part of it. I had been riding and digging at Rocky Point since I moved here almost 14 years ago. When the Rocky Point lease was signed I was excited to make the existing trails legit and build more new trails. Being part of a great group of dedicated trail stewards, board members, and volunteers is so motivating. I love being part of a group that can enjoy not only doing the fun stuff like building new trails and after-build celebrations but also the not-so-fun stuff like moving gravel and cleaning tools.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

I grew up in Missouri. I moved to Portland 14 years ago after a stop in Washington, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. I worked for 25 years in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. I have an amazing wife, Reed, of 11 years who also loves to get outdoors to explore and travel. Reed is wonderful about supporting my passion for riding and volunteering. We have two dogs that are a bit too old to be trail dogs but love to take short walks or stay home and help me recover after a long ride.