Camp – Green Geckos: Week of 7/22 (Ages 8-12)

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Camp – Green Geckos: Week of 7/22 (Ages 8-12)

July 22 @ 9:00 am July 25 @ 12:00 pm

Camp offered in partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation. Registration required through ActiveNet. Click on the button below.


Rider Experience: Beginner with ½ – 1 years of riding on dirt trails

These riders are already comfortable riding a bike on gravel roads as well as on dirt and grass, and down some features up to 3-4 inches high such as a small curb, with their feet out. They are learning to stand and coast on the pedals for short periods of time. They can shift gears and corner, but it might not go as smoothly as it could — or at the right time. They are interested in rolling over taller features, and riding pump tracks (or rolling terrain) without pedaling the whole time. They can ride 1-2 miles on a trail or bike path.

During this class: these riders will continue to improve their balance over varying terrain including trails and pump tracks (or rolling terrain), as well as brake and corner with more confidence, shift more smoothly. They’ll learn to climb, descend and ride faster; they’ll also learn slow-riding skills to have fun riding more technical trails including roll-downs and drops 6- 10” high – if they want to. The wheels may leave the ground on drops, but we aren’t jumping quite yet. 

Bike: The Green Gecko’s bike has platform pedals, two hand brakes (front and rear), a seat that can move up and down, and is in good working condition. Single speeds are OK but a bike with gears will be more fun on the climbs. No coaster brakes, worn out tires or kickstands. A Gecko’s helmet fits properly, is in good condition and is less than 5 years old.

Required Gear: -Bike in good condition* -A properly fitting helmet in good condition and is less than 5 years old* -Water bottle (no more than 16 oz, otherwise it’s too heavy to carry!) -Snacks for the individual -Clothing appropriate for the weather including jacket and gloves -Pack to carry layers, snacks and water 

Recommended Gear: -Full fingered gloves -Knee and elbow protection -Eye protection 

*We have bikes and helmets to loan! Required height 4’-5” to 5’-6” tall. If the rider is shorter or taller, let us know, we may have a properly sized bike but our quantities are very limited. 

Pickup and drop off: behind the Gateway Fred Meyer, west parking lot.