Monthly Archives: February 2020

We’re Hiring! Operations Coordinator

  We are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to join a rapidly growing organization that is responsible for mountain bike trail access and development in large parts of Oregon and Washington, and for over 20,000 hours of volunteerism annually. Founded in 1988 in Portland Oregon, the Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA) is the largest mountain

NWTA Member’s connection to Portland Art Museum Volcano! Exhibit

From February 8th to May 17th the Portland Art Museum Volcano! Exhibit features a grand photograph of Mt. St. Helens from that fateful day 40 years ago from NWTA’s Tara Bowen-Biggs’s father. Below is the story from Tara about how it all came together & the surprise she & her sisters had when they saw

NWTS Tackle Switchbacks at Growlers Gulch

Sunday February 9th provided a much needed, rare, sunny day. Not only did we take advantage of it, we basked in it! What a great day to hold a clinic! Switchbacks can be tricky no matter which direction you are riding them. 20 women (w/t/f) had the opportunity to learn the specific steps to take