NWTA member shuttle event for Sandy Ridge Trail fund

Sat, 06/06/2015 – 9:00am4:00pm  AND Sun, 06/07/2015 – 9:00am4:00pm

Event has limit of 200 riders max per day.   Spots are getting reserved quickly!  
Volunteers needed!  Contact joer@nw-trail.org.

05/14/2015 News Update: 100+ pre-registered so far…   

Hopworks Urban Brewery and Yakima have sponsored NWTA to cover costs of 5th anniversary Sandy Ridge commemorative T-shirts and beer koozies ($20 for set) which will be available for purchase at this event!

On Saturday, June 6th Otto’s Ski & Mt. Bike Read the rest

NWTA initiates legal action on River View bike ban

An Open Letter to Our Members and Supporters,

Yesterday, the Northwest Trail Alliance filed a Notice of Intent to Appeal with the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals regarding the recent mountain bike ban in the River View Natural Area. We did so because the Board of Directors strongly believes that the decision to ban bikes was made by City Commissioners Fritz and Fish in the absence of due process and without any rational basis for exclusion. Citing only a … Read the rest

How to contact your politicians about mountain biking in Portland

At tonight’s member meeting, we promised we would provide our membership with clear instructions on who to contact in order to address the current climate around mountain biking in Portland. We have created a draft letter. We suggest you make the same points, but add personal testimony. Send your letter to Mayor Hales and the City Commissioners. If you are feeling a little more ambitious, it would be extremely meaningful to mail in a hard copy version as well.

To: … Read the rest

Eirik Schulz Memorial

Eirik Schulz (Dec 4, 1971 – Feb 21, 2015)

Eirik is one of the true northwest mountain biking legends.  For decades he could reliably be found at a trailhead every weekend and many weekdays too.  For some it’s about powder days, for Eirik it was about chasing that perfect northwest dirt on a perfect northwest day. There wasn’t much about mountain biking that he didn’t excel at.  Eirik was a rare talent, he could competitively race the Creampuff one season

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