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Located along the banks of the Columbia River in Cascade Locks, the EasyClimb trail system is close to home for riders from the Portland area and is perfect for kids, families and newer riders, as well as experienced folk looking for a great looped trail system with views.  The area has several features for skill building including skinnys and berms.  The trail also passes several beaches for river access.



NWTA, in partnership with Port of Cascade Locks began work on the EasyClimb system in 2011.  As of 2018, it has about three miles of green singletrack. 

Upcoming plans

As of winter 2018, NWTA is working with the Port and USFS to expand the EasyClimb system south along the Wyeth Bench which will include intermediate and advanced trails.

Suggested loop


Each year, these trails require about 30 hours of volunteer time to keep clear and maintained and enjoyable for the public. We need your help to do it!  Contact Matt Novak for information about upcoming events and how you can help.

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