Ventura Park Pump Track

A dirt pump track located in the center of the 7 acre Ventura park that offers an easy introduction to off-road cycling. It has berms, rollers and optional jumps all that can be pumped and rolled. Despite being on city property, the pump track is built and maintained by NWTA volunteers.This areas is best for dirt jump bikes and hard tails but can be ridden by full suspension bikes as well. The pump track does not accumulate water or puddles, even with heavy rain (a huge accomplishment for dirt tracks like this)


From Stark street, access the the parking lot on SE 113th ave (west side of the park, north of Stark). From here take the paved path east (either direction) and you will pass right next to the pump track.


NWTA approached Portland Parks and Recreation in 2009 about the idea of building a pumptrack in Portland. PP&R chose Ventura park to fill a gap in a historically park deficient area on the east side. NWTA raised funds for the track and kiosk and groundbreaking for the park was in 2011. In 2012, the Ventura Park Pump Track opened as Portland Parks’ first pump track. The track was reworked in 2016 to make the track flow better and improve drainage.

Upcoming Plans

In the near future, NWTA has plans to reconstruct & improve the pump track. The improvements will be significant so that both families & more experienced riders will have a great time. The Ventura Park pump track will become a destination spot for local residents to enjoy.


Please contact the Ventura Park local stewardship team leader, Sarah Olsen, for information about how you can help to keep the pump track going.

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