PP&R and NWTA Gateway green/Ventura Agreement – PRESS RELEASE

Portland, OR, March 9, 2021

October 2014 Build Party

Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA) enters into a formal agreement with The City of Portland Parks & Recreation Bureau (PP&R) to maintain & steward the off-road cycling facilities at Gateway Green & Ventura Park.

This agreement’s primary goal is for the maintenance and stewardship of off-road cycling facilities at Gateway Green Park and Ventura Park. Gateway Green Park’s facilities are a regional off-road cycling draw. Both Parties desire to provide off-road cycling experiences that serve a broad audience of cyclists at skill levels from beginner to intermediate, with some specialized features and trails for experienced riders. Ventura Park’s facilities are a neighborhood-scale draw, whose pump tracks – one for intermediate riders and a second for young children – were the first to be constructed in a Portland public park.

October 2014 Build Party

NWTA’s stewardship responsibilities include actions that encourage native species regeneration, provide habitat to wildlife and insects, and provide safe trails to park visitors. Stewardship activities include education about sustainable trail building, monitoring for illegal trails, decommissioning illegal trails, and reporting.

2016 – Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

“NWTA is excited to enter this next phase of their partnership with PP&R. Our involvement in the construction & maintenance of both Gateway Green & Ventura Park has been on-going for 10+ years. This agreement is an acknowledgment & formalization of our work that will enable us to bring our members more off-road cycling opportunities close to their home. We also look forward to finally upgrading the large pump track at Ventura Park for the community to enjoy. We thank Portland Parks & Recreation for their commitment & we look forward to additional opportunities.” says President Juntu Oberg.

Read here to learn more about Gateway Green. Read here to learn more about Ventura. To get involved and help the Local Stewardship Team that maintains the trails; please head to our trail team page here.

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