Rocky Point Double Dig Day Weekend Recap

02/26 Saturday Session Recap

Written by Rich Rake, Rocky Point Crew Lead

On Saturday, February 26th, we had a crew of eight people with a mix of new and veteran trail builders. The team continued building the climb trail on the north side. The trail is getting close to the top, which means a reasonably long but pleasant walk get to the day’s work. We discovered new opportunities to hone the route and navigate around some tricky terrain throughout the dig. Despite rain in the forecast, the weather held until we were done working. It was another productive and fun Rocky Point Saturday Session in the books.

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Fat Tire Farm 2/27 Rocky Point Dig Recap

Written by Jered Bogli, NWTA Board Member ([email protected])

On Sunday, Feb. 27th, the crew from Fat Tire Farm came out again to dig with us at Rocky Point. The FTF crew was led by Thomas and was following behind Jason Wells and the mini-excavator. Jason was doing finish work on the new black clear-cut trail. The FTF crew was doing the necessary handwork and fine-tuning to get the trail dialed in and ready to rock. The weather was less than optimal, but the crew was hardy and powered through. It has been amazing to have the Fat Tire Farm crew more involved this year digging with us at Rocky Point; more than just sponsors, they show up with shovels ready to work – THANK YOU.