2016 Stub Riders Stats

As we continue to build trails and make trail improvements, L.L. Stub Stewart State Park is becoming a mountain biking destination.  As per our TRAFx trail counters, we noted another increase of riders who visited the Stub mtb area.
12,788 in 2015
18,036 in 2016
2015-16 Rider Report for L.L. Stub Stewart
We are forecasting another large jump in the number of riders who visit Stub in 2017 in part to the following:
  • – The bridges projects will be completed in the next 60 days and a large section of trail will be re-opened (Link ‘n’ Pin)
  • – May 20th, large PDW sponsored trail project and BBQ social
  • – May 27th, LapQuest @ Stub. A grassroots 4hr race/non-race group ride
  • – July 21-23, 3rd Annual SubFest. A trail project, campout, and social
  • – Construction of another downhill line for the freeride area.



We are still planning for the South Stub Expansion project in 2018-19 (8 miles of NEW trail).

If you want to help, contact Joe Rykowski joer@nw-trail.org so you can be added to the Stub Stewart email list.