LapQuest Results

The weather and the trails were perfect for a LapQuest challenge on Saturday 5/27/17.



Brian Cusick                3:43

Dan Werie                   3:47

Ted Dodd                     3:54

Wade Palmer             3:56

Simon Moreria            4:03

Micheal Guida            4:47


Henri Vergara-Monroy 3:10

David Rogers               3:30

Susan Tombel             3:37

Mike Estes                  3:45


Al Cabera                    2:04

Laura Parras                2:30


  • Riders who did 4 laps racked up 29 miles and 3,800 elevation gain
  • 14.9 % of the riders were new to L.L. Stub Stewart
  • 80.9 % of the riders had volunteered on a trail project at Stub
  • Only 51.1 % are dues paying Northwest Trail Alliance

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Thank you to our main event sponsors:


If you want to know more about the LapQuest route, check out the following RideWithGP links.

My ride example was to-from Buxton TH and included two laps of the mtb area.
To make it easier to understand I captured the ride stats in three sections.
App that I used:  RideWithGPS
1)  From Buxton out BV to the Mtb area and up Hares Canyon and around for one loop.
2) one complete mtb loop (lap #2)
3) BV trail back to Buxton from end of mtb trail
The goal of LapQuest is to do as many laps of the mtb area as you can and return back to Buxton TH within the 4-hour time limit.