Upcoming Trail work

Want to help get Stub ready for the spring riding season? Here are some upcoming events for the next few weeks.


OUR MISSION – Fix the notoriously muddy section on Lower Shoofly. This will involve reshaping the trail for better drainage and adding rock.

SIGN UP for the Shoofly trail project on Sunday, April 11th


OUR MISSION – Transform the Rinse & Repeat trail into a downhill trail.  Specifically, changing it from a multi-directional trail to become a BLUE downhill-only trail. This will create an additional descent from the top of the freeride area to the bottom of Lower Green Horn.

The goal is to complete this in just TWO workdays so that we can reopen the trail quickly. To accomplish this goal we will need your help.

SIGN UP for the Rinse & Repeat trail project:  

Large trail project #1

Sunday, April 18th

Change Rinse & Repeat to a downhill trail

Remove scrap woodpile (with the help of the Park Ranger vehicle)

+ re-installation of the existing kiosk & benches (same location)

Large trail project #2

Sunday, May 2nd

Change Rinse & Repeat to a downhill trail

Crew Leaders Needed

To remain COVID safe, we need more crew leaders.  Our goal is to have multiple 5-6 person crews working on specific projects.  Having multiple crew leaders and multiple teams will make it easier to keep people COVID safe.


3/27 or 3/28 (To Be Confirmed)The intent is for crew leaders to review the project acres prior to the build days, Q&A time, discuss our action plan, and make work assignments. Having this pre-project meeting will make for a more efficient trail-building day. Email [email protected] for more details.