24 Trail Sisters #optoutside on Black Friday

It was a balmy 35 degrees on Black Friday when 24 Trail Sisters met at Rocky Point to #optoutside together for an intermediate level ride on the north side of the trail system.

But this story began several weeks prior in early October at the NWTA Leadership Retreat. The Rocky Point local stewardship team (LST) noted that they weren’t seeing many women riding out at Rocky Point. Understanding the importance of diversity and the need for change, they reached out to the Trail Sisters that lead the women’s rides and clinics at Growlers. Were the Trail Sisters up to lead a women’s tour of Rocky Point? Heck yeah, they were! And so the collaboration began. The LST created a straightforward and fun route as well as a pre-ride tour for the Ride Crew, who had little riding experience at RP. Arrangements were made for the gate to be opened for parking and now all that needed to happen was for Trail Sisters to show up.

And show up they did! Ditching the notion that Black Friday should be spent indoors, these riders traded the crowds of shoppers for beautiful, tacky single-track and blue skies. The forest was alive with laughter, big fat smiles and humming hubs. Long time RP riders have stated that this is quite possibly the largest group ride to have ever happened on these trails. How cool is that? Now with a better understanding of some of the trails, these Trail Sisters can really start exploring Rocky Point with confidence.

This is a fantastic example of how, when we work together as a group of passionate mountain bikers who really want the best for each other and the sport, exciting things can happen. Keep an eye out for more exciting events in 2020.