A Weekend’s Work During Dig Season

November 12 and 13 was a BUSY weekend for Northwest Trail Alliance volunteers and members!  All told, there was over 400 hours of volunteer work put in over the course of the weekend spread across 6 different locations including a night ride social at Stub Stewart. Here are some highlights.


We had 8 people show up, including an 8 year old. We got a new night rider that was able to use the lights donated by BTI, Metropolis and Trek. The rain held off for the whole ride, which made for a perfect night ride, not too muddy, not too cold. Sid and Chad took turns leading and sweeping. Another great Stub Stewart Friday Night Ride in the books! Big thanks to the ride leads: Sid Young and Chad


Finally Sandy Ridge caught a break, no windstorm, or downed powerlines! It was a great workday. The weather was cold but sunny and beautiful. The crew was over 25 strong and they gathered up in the lot and got right down to business. Lower H&S, Johnny Royale, 338, Quid pro flow, and communication breakdown all had work done on them. Mostly, clearing trails of debris, some tread work, drainage, and a half dozen downed trees were cut out.  Big thanks to the crew leads and LSTs:  Brent Sullivan, Rick Gale, Shane Gould, Lee Lemmon and Nathan Croswell


It was a great day, cold but sunny. 10 eager and excited volunteers helped hand finish half a mile of the newly re-designed and re-built Strasser on the back side of the north side of the property. Additionally, there was machine repair taking place, saw work happening on a different trail and flagging of new trail on the front of the north side – it was a busy weekend at RP. 

Big thanks to the crew leads and LSTs: Scooter Sutter, Ryan Heitsmith, Brad Peterson on machine repair, Daniel Stuart on parts delivery and flagging


The weather was perfect and the dirt was too. The group was 11 people strong and they got down to work using rakes, loppers and a few shovels. The crew completed all the hand-finishing on the new Get Down trail that wraps around under Party Wave. There was even time to pay some attention to brushing and weeding Roller Coaster, the new beginner’s trail. After the work was finished some of the folks went riding. And, of course we shared some beverages and cookies. Big thanks to the crew leads and LSTs: Nell Stamper and Kirby Bedsaul


18 people came out to work on Sicktar Lars for a total of 72 hours. The focus was on brushing and tread repair. We burned 2+ gallons of fuel in the hedge-trimmers brushing out the trail. Most of SL is brushed, and we enjoyed plenty of refreshments & sausages afterward, with homemade pretzel buns provided by Aric. Big thanks to the crew leads and LSTs: Nathen Frechen, Tim Mathews, Jason Crago, and Bob Carey. 


Sometimes volunteering is tons of fun and other times it involves fixing broken equipment. The weekend work at the new Cascade Locks trails included Andy and Kent driving out with a truck full of tools and spare parts to spend time repairing the Ditch Witch.  This involved the less than glamorous task of hiking in half a mile with lots of tools and parts. The good news – the Ditch Witch is fixed and trailwork can resume. Big thanks to: Andy Jansky and Kent Davis.