NWTA Board Bios – Colin Marthaller

Colin joined the NWTA board in 2019 and is our Stewardship Director & Quartermaster. He helps to make sure all of our Local Stewardship Teams have the resources that they need in order to build & maintain the trails that NWTA is responsible for. He is also the Quartermaster which means he manages our tool & equipment libraries. 

You can reach Colin at [email protected]

Tell us a little about yourself, Colin.

What you love about mountain biking?
Simply put, I love mountain biking because it is fun! It is great to get out into nature with friends and have a good time. I like to ride anything from flow trails to steep technical trails.

Your favorite place to ride in the Portland/Vancouver area?
Sandy Ridge has been my “go to” trail system for many years. However I just moved into NoPo, so Rocky Point is now my closest spot. I also enjoy riding elsewhere for variety. Whistler is a top favorite of mine as well.

What bikes do you ride?
Well..I ride a variety of bikes depending on the terrain.
To keep it simple, the quiver is mostly populated with Santa Cruz and Kona bikes.

How long you’ve been riding/mountain biking?
I started mountain biking in 2012.

Why did you join the NWTA board?
I joined the NWTA board because I wanted to further support the stewardship and advocacy that the organization provides. One way of giving back to the community is by doing what I can to volunteer in the maintenance of our current trails as well as building new sustainable trails. I feel it is important for us to help maintain the trails that we ride on. In my time as a NWTA member, I’ve always helped out with the tool trailer and as a team lead at our trail days. At that point, coming on board as the Stewardship Director and Quartermaster made sense. We have so many great places to ride, but they do however require driving to get there. My dream? I would love to one day see dedicated flow and/or technical MTB trails in Forest Park that would allow us to truly ride to where we ride.