Advocacy Alert – Gabbert Butte Trails – Due May 6th

Gabbert Butte Trails – Public Comments Due May 6th

METRO has been working on a plan for the Gabbert Butte in East Portland/Gresham & the draft is out for public comment.  NWTA had a representative on the committee and the progress is favorable for the off road cycling community.  Please take a moment to provide a Comment on Gabbert Butte Natural Park Master Plan.

One key recommendation is “Multi-use trails. All trails at Gabbert Butte are recommended to be shared for hiking and off-road cycling use. The use of these trails should be monitored to identify any potential conflict areas.”

METRO goal is to “protect & connect” our access to natural spaces. Protect natural areas important to us & connecting us by ensuring access via trails.  We suggest you include your appreciation for METRO including this in the plan & understanding the needs of our community Your positive support will help ensure this recommendation remains in the final plan.

Feel free to add any other helpful comments. For example if you are willing to help build/maintain & be a part of the success of the trail system.

Here is a link to the plan for review: Gabbert Butte Master Plan DRAFT