ADVOCACY ALERT-New Trails in the Gorge

Written by Andrew Jansky

There is one final opportunity for you to help 25 miles of new forested single track to be built in the gorge. NWTA has been working on getting this new project approved, originally named CLIMB (Cascade Locks International Mountain Bike Trail) and located just above easyCLIMB in the cliffs above. The process started in 2011, with multiple meetings, stakeholder involvement, special studies, planning consultants, and good work by USFS to ensure all the details of this complex process were followed. With the passage of the Great American Outdoors act recently, funding is available. However, a long list of projects are angling for it, and we need you to provide a brief email supporting this project to help ensure it can be built soon.

Please go to this website and write a brief comment on why you think USFS should prioritize this project that has been under discussion for 10 years to help provide much-needed access for off-road cycling within the gorge.

DUE NOV 30th

Specific sample comments could include:

0622 Cascade Locks Trail System Development NC- I strongly support this project to provide opportunities to ride bikes on soft surface trails in the Gorge Scenic Area. Please prioritize this project to help meet the ever-growing demand for bike access and provide equivalent natural area and scenic user experience to the numerous hiking-only trails in the gorge. 


 0622 Cascade Locks Trail System Development NC- Our family strongly supports this project as a way to experience nature together. Bike riding allows a range of family members to spend time together enjoying the scenery and keeping everyone active and healthy. This trail would help supplement the excellent beginner trail at easyCLIMB and provide progression for mountain bikers, and also help the local economy of Cascade Locks.

Feel free to add your own spice, and you can also upload photos if you have some good ones from easyCLIMB.

The project is listed as “0622 Cascade Locks Trail System Development NC-Project would involve the development of a 15-mile, shared-use trail system (mountain biking, hiking, and equestrian) one 25-vehicle trailhead, and one 60′ trail bridge. Requesting design funding in FY23 and construction funding in FY24.” 

Also, note there are many other good projects on this action list you could review and provide a comment if familiar with.

This is not intended as a vote; however, they will be using comments to gauge support for projects and help prioritize the list. So please take the 4 minutes needed to go to this link: HERE

Put in your name and a few sentences supporting a new sweet single track trail that is 1/2 as close as Post Canyon. Your voice does matter.

Thank you.

Andrew Jansky

[email protected]

Advocacy Director

(Cascade Locks Trail System Advisory Group Member)