Advocacy Alert – We need your help!

On April 3, 2018 from 3-5pm, the Portland Parks Board will meet to listen to input and consider the draft Off-Road Cycling Master Plan (ORCMP). The Parks Board will use the input they hear to help shape their recommendations to the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS).

BPS will integrate those comments along with other public input to finalize the ORCMP for presentation to City Council for consideration and adoption.

It is incredibly important that NWTA members and other off-road cycling community members provide input to the Parks Board – your words can help ensure they understand the need for additional access to trails in Portland. There are three ways in which you can assist:

Action 1:  Please come out to the Portland Parks Board meeting on April 3rd if your schedule allows. This meeting will be at the 1900 Building: 1900 SW 4th Ave, 7th Floor, Conference Room 7A (Check for last-minute changes to the meeting location here). Be recognized, bring your helmet and a positive, supportive attitude for the ORCMP. The Parks Board will listen to several panels for this meeting; we have our panel of folks ready to support the ORCMP, but we need YOU! to come and stand up and show our numbers.

Action 2: If you’re unable to make the meeting, please submit written comments via email by Friday, March 23rd at 1:00 pm. See below for addressing and commenting recommendations.

TO: [email protected]
CC:  BPS ORCMP < [email protected]>
Mayor Ted Wheeler < [email protected] >
Commissioner Dan Saltzman < [email protected]>
Commissioner Nick Fish < [email protected]>
Commissioner Amanda Fritz < [email protected]>
Commissioner Chloe Eudaly < [email protected]>
Share with NWTA < [email protected]>

The content of your email should be brief (they will accept up to 5 pages, but for clarity, try to keep it much shorter), include your full name, address and contact information and tell your personal story. Here are points to consider including:

  • – The positive impact of increased community access to natural environments
  • – The need for safe outdoor activity within city limits accessible by bike
  • – The need for new plans that reflect the evolving needs of a growing population
  • – How youth/families will benefit from improved opportunities to play in nature
  • – How the ORCMP can grow environmental stewardship across generations – people protect what they love, but that love comes from building a relationship with the land they have access to
  • – Encourage immediate initiation of the ORCMP and full funding for the Comprehensive Trail Plan in Forest Park

If you’re familiar with the ORMCP, consider discussing specific features, such as:

  • – Overall, the plan is a positive outline of what could be accomplished, but it’s too light on study/assessment recommendations and too heavy on restriction/closure recommendations
  • – The plan offers disappointing options for Forest Park – proposed trail options do not meet community needs, as they would be too steep for most youth & beginners, and do not provide connectors to create a longer ride
  • – The plan misses opportunities to reopen access to existing trails that could be used as bike-friendly connectors or routes
  • – The plan misses opportunities to reconnect neighborhoods separated by trails closed to bikes in natural areas which could provide Safe Routes To School

Action 3 (bonus action!): Express your support to the Mayor < [email protected]> for his comments to the Parks Board (Get the rundown here.).