Ape Canyon Trail Work Re-Cap

The kid crew climbed over 2.5 miles to get to their worksite

31 volunteers gathered in the fog on Sunday morning (June 23rd) to clear brush that has grown into the beloved Ape Canyon Trail.

A couple of hikers joined a large contingency from Growlers Gulch Racing & NWTA ready to work. We split into 4 groups that were positioned in key spots along the trail. Each of these groups then worked towards each other to get the job done.

Preston A. spent the entire day clearing trail with this machine.

With the number of hands we had working, we were able to complete all of the work needed to clear the trail in 4 hours.

The crew stationed at the top working their way down.

After the work was done the group gathered a few miles from the trailhead for post work party food & beverages.

Winning raffle prizes is fun!

Big thanks to event sponsors Patagonia Portland Retail Store, Lagunitas Brewing , Brew Dr. Kombucha & Clif Bar

Hip pack winner!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to work on this well loved trail. Especially to Ed, Abra & Bob who pulled trailer bobs filled with tools and equipment we needed to get the job done.

Backpack winner!

Sad you missed out? Join us on 08/15-08/18 for St. Helens Festival of Trails, aka. SHIFT. Our 3 day (ride, trailwork, ride) campout festival at Mt. St. Helens. Details about this event can be found HERE.