Be a Trail Builder


SRT Map2016 has been a highly productive year for NWTA trail work, with more than 7,100 on-trail volunteer hours invested in our riding destinations, our communities, our joy.

We’re poised to up our game in 2017. Late last year we organized our trail work volunteers into Local Stewardship Teams (LSTs for short). LSTs — each with an empowered lead, a well-defined region, and clear, yet evolving, goals — create just enough structure to accelerate our on-trail progress.

Today, these Local Stewardship Teams are in place:

Cascade Locks: Andy Jansky and Andy Crump

Clark County: Michael Lenz

Eichler Bike Park: Brian Shelton

Falls Creek: Andy Crump

Gateway Green: Tom Archer, Will Heiberg (skills), Tom Slovak (singletrack/gravity), and Jason Van Horn (dirt jump)

Growlers Gulch: Jim LeMonds

Henry Hagg Lake: Bruce Gudmundsson and Lee Duncan

Lacamas / Fallen Leaf: Sean Vergillo

Mount Hood (West): Joel Armstrong

Mount St. Helens: Andy Crump, Jim LeMonds, and Andy Jansky

Sandy Ridge: Brent Sullivan and Tom Slovak

Scappoose / Rocky Point: Andy Jansky (southern area) and John Campbell (northern area)

Stub Stewart State Park: Joe Rykowski and Daniel Katten (freeride trails)

Tillamook State Forest: Ben McCormack, Mike Estes, Adam Graff, Fred MacGregor, Ryan McLane, and Matthew Weintraub

Ventura Park Pump Track: Sarah Olsen and Jason Van Horn

Washougal Bike Park: Ed Fischer

What’s needed now is to boost the horsepower under the hood of each LST. Have you ever wanted to better understand what it takes to lay in a great line? Perhaps you have a favorite trail you’d like to see taken to the next level? Care to be part of a team that creates nationally-recognized destinations, such as Sandy Ridge?

If so, now is your time. In 2017, every site in the list gets the love. How much love is up to you.

So do this: Go to the map on our Trail Teams page and click on the pin for the LST you’d like to get involved in. You’ll find the LST’s dedicated email address; click it and fire off a quick note of interest. Newbie or expert, with one morning or all year to give, it doesn’t matter.

Loving the dirt is what matters. Do it now.