City of Portland’s Off-Road Cycling Master Plan Published!

Blueprint for Portland’s off-road cycling opportunities complete after 8 years of work

NWTA is excited to learn of the final publication of the Off-Road Cycling Master Plan (ORCMP) by the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

The ORCMP is a guiding document that provides a blueprint for future off-road cycling opportunities around the City of Portland. The process incorporated significant public input and expert consultations. It is an exciting new and critical piece in a framework of guidance that planners and city officials rely on to implement new access to trails across the city. Further, off-road cycling will contribute to safe routes to school; help Portland reach its climate action plan; and all-around promote the healthy, outdoor lifestyle that Portlanders value. 

These opportunities throughout our urban core embrace greater access to the outdoors through biking and trails for all Portlanders. While the ORCMP doesn’t imply immediate, dedicated funding for any locations identified, NWTA looks forward to continuing our work with land partners to support growth in off-road cycling opportunities as presented in the ORCMP.

We acknowledge the immense amount of work the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability put into a project of this nature; along with a large number of project advisory committee members and agency representatives and resource managers. Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) contributed a significant amount of information, technical advice and assistance to the ORCMP project. Much of NWTA’s stewardship and programming work in our local Portland communities would not be possible without the partnership of PP&R.

The ORCMP and associated information can be found at: