Dirt Lab @ Gateway Green Crowdfund success – Trail building underway


Great news from our partners at the Friends of Gateway Green. The well-publicized fundraising campaign was a complete success with $101,180 raised! Thanks to everyone that contributed!

As if the successful fundraising campaign wasn’t enough good news, these funds allow Dirt Lab @ Gateway Green to start digging trails right now. Yes, that’s right, new single track trails are under construction within the City of Portland as you are reading this. Although it will still be several months before we can ride Gateway Green, we couldn’t be more excited to know the countless hours of hard work and advocacy are paying off.

To stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Gateway Green, www.bermstyle.com is hosting a construction update blog. This week’s blog post is available here: http://www.bermstyle.com/gateway-green-build-journal-week-one/

If you missed the opportunity to donate to Dirt Lab @ Gateway Green, a new donation link will soon be available here: http://www.gatewaygreenpdx.org/fundraising/donate

Stay tuned for updates!