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This is not an IMBA request. Contributions go directly to Northwest Trail Alliance.

It has been an incredible year. We are creating more riding opportunities and there is no end in sight. We know we can build on the momentum of 2019 and do even better in 2020. This past year, we welcomed new leaders and new members, and we build new trails. Everything is coming together. People are eager to get things done. If Oct, Nov, and Dec are anything to go by, 2020 is going to be the most productive year we have ever had. There is just one thing we need to take care of. We need to pay for things. We are raising money, but it’s going to take some help from you. Already, we have incurred the cost of leasing the Rocky Point property, we have had major repair bills on machinery, we had a warehouse fire damage our tool trailer, and we had to buy new tools. Trail building costs money, but it’s worth it. Have a look at how the money has been spent, and please consider making a tax deductible donation before the end of the year. Even 10 or 20 dollars goes a long way when we all contribute something.

Thank you for everything you have done this past year, and all you will do in 2020.

-Bob Lessard


$10,000 Goal
Where the money is going

Gravel – $1500
Heavy traffic and fresh trails through clearcuts need gravel. Rocky Point is our newest and most exciting trail development area. The soil has a lot of clay, and building trails through the clearcuts leaves exposed mineral soil. Add the heavy traffic and winter conditions, and you’ve got a muddy mess unless you bring in the gravel. We’re going to have to order a few loads of this soil-enhancing magic. If you want to buy an entire truckload, we might be able to arrange for you to meet the truck and the gate and be there for the deposit. Contact [email protected] if you are interested.

The Ditch Witch – $1500
This machine turns the daunting task of removing clearcut logging debris into a walk in the park. We recently spent 1000 dollars getting a new hydraulic attachment for this machine, and another 500 dollars servicing it. It cleared half of a mile of logging debris aside in a single day, paving the way for 50 people to build the trail by hand in 4 hours. Money well spent.

ST240 – $2000
Our Singletrack 240 mini excavator will not make it through the next year without service to its tracks. This machine will be crucial to doing some heavy lifting at Rocky Point and Stub Stewart. We’ve been saving for the track repair, but there is a pretty heavy work schedule for this machine in 2020.

More Tools – $1000
Tools. Plain old hand tools. You can’t imagine how many tools it takes to keep up with multiple work parties across multiple trail systems. We now have weekly maintenance and build days at Rocky Point on top of the bimonthly digs around the region. We need more tools so we can put eager crews to work.

Damage repair – $1500
Our tool trailer has free storage thanks to the Lumberyard. They had a pretty serious fire this year. Our trailer was a casualty of the fire. Dead center of that photo is the NWTA tool trailer. It suffered damage and tool loss to the tune of 1500 dollars.

Kiosk at Rocky Point – $1500
We have big plans for Rocky Point. That includes a Kiosk at the planned staging and parking area. People have generously agreed to donate their time for the design and build of the structure, but it will take some money for material. This feature will be a centerpiece at the heart of our new pride and joy riding area. Donate generously, and you may get your name on it.

Work crew support – $1000
We always take care of folks when they come out to work on our trails. A lot goes into planning these events. Crew leaders have to drive out and flag the trails, and onsite support crew have to go buy coffee and donuts, refreshments and sandwiches for lunch, etc…. We reimburse people for all of this.


How you can support NWTA

Donations to NWTA are Tax Deductible. We are a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of OR. Your donations will go to pay for tools, repairs, and for expenses that contribute to the development of new trails.

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