Earth Day Clean-up at Rocky Point

Written by Nancy Stone

Picking up garbage alongside the road isn’t exactly at the top of most people’s list of things to do on a sunny, warm Saturday morning. However, this didn’t stop seven determined NWTA members from stepping up to the plate to do their part as an early Earth Day contribution. On April 17th, 8 volunteers gather at Rocky Point Trails to spruce up the views a little.

If you drive up and down Rocky Point Road on your way to the trails, you have likely noticed the trash that has accumulated or even intentionally dumped alongside the road. Yes, this is an eyesore, but even more so, it’s terrible for the environment.

Picking up this litter accomplishes several goals. First and foremost, leaving the roadside in a better state than we found it while keeping this trash from making it into our waterways and away from the wildlife that live here. Secondly, being good neighbors! This means taking care of the area that we all share and showing that the mountain bikers they frequently see are good folks who care and want to make a difference. Lastly, (but certainly not least) IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Yes, we are good stewards of our trails, but we could all be better stewards of our planet. Whether this means taking a few hours of your day to pick up trash alongside the road, planting trees for cleaner air, or driving less, you (we) are setting an example and, with any luck, inspiring others to do the same.

If you want to get involved, stay tuned for another clean-up day in May that will focus on the Rocky Point parking lot and the top of Base Camp (the beginner trails), and the bottom of Tres Amigos. Check our event calendar for upcoming events.

*Special thanks to NWTA member and volunteer extraordinaire Justin Harrington for hauling and disposing of the entire truckload of trash on Saturday.