Event Recap: NW Trail Sisters Intermediate+ Ride at Rocky Point

Written by Allie Hurtgen

On Monday, the Trail Sisters got together for a rip through the Twisted Forest at Rocky Point. This was the first group ride on the trails Twisted Sisters and Twisted Knickers; and the women who attended were stoked!

Since we were in for a night of pedaling, we started the ride by sharing our favorite ways to motivate ourselves when pedaling uphill. Strategies included, “singing Harry Styles’ songs,” “setting small goals,” “telling myself I’m a boss and I can do this,” and, “reminding myself how much fun the downhill is going to be.”

We accessed the Twisted Forest by pedaling up Tres Amigos, to Seral Stage, and to the Great Escape. Portland’s rainy weather has delivered some beautiful wildflowers and ferns; riding through them felt like we were in another world.

The fun really turned up a notch when we descended on Twisted Knickers. The cheers, “yews,” and laughs could be heard across the forest! We pedaled back up Mulligan and then ripped down Twisted Sisters. All of the riders loved the optional features, especially the rock gardens.

We concluded the ride with a pedal back to the kiosk where we enjoyed cold bubbly waters and shared our favorite parts of the evening. A few memorable remarks, “Those trails were so much fun! I cannot wait to come back and re-ride them again and hit more features,” and “I’m really excited to explore more of the Rocky Point trails!”

Thank you to all of our builders at Rocky Point; your work made this ride possible!

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