Family Zone – Build Day 1

The NWTA has officially broken ground on a new family zone at Rocky Point. The family zone is the first step in implementing the masterplan for the property. The masterplan guides trail construction with the goal being to create mountain bike opportunities for all levels and styles of rider from novice to expert. If you ride Rocky Point you know we could use some novice and beginner terrain. The family zone will be a place for novice riders to develop fundamental mountain bike skills in a safe area designed specifically for progression. Building skills and confidence in the family area will allow new riders to transition to more advanced trails. The area, when complete will feature two main loops configured as stacked loops, and alternate skills lines that riders can take as they become more confident. The area will also have flat areas for viewing, picnicking, and hanging out. The area was designed by Chris Bernhardt of C2 Recreation with input from mountain bike coach Elaine Bothe of Elaine B bikes. It was great to incorporate Elaine’s insight and expertise to ensure the area would provide all the necessary terrain to help riders progress. The build team consisted of the core group of Rocky Point volunteers and their kids, plus a few NWTA board members. Due to COVID-19 we kept the build small and made sure everyone stayed 6′ apart and everyone brought their own tools and food. Despite the new working conditions the first half of the main loop got roughed in. There are lots to do before we’re done and we will continue to have small work events using our core volunteer group. Lots of people are excited about the family zone and all the work NWTA is putting into the trails and want to help. The best thing you can do right now, during this time when we can’t safely bring everyone together to dig together is to DONATE: The more tools we have the more folks we can get out on the trail to dig when it is safe, we want to be prepared to host all of you when we can, donations help fund the purchase of tools and fuel for the machines.