Fanny’s Yer Aunt Opens at Rocky Point

Written by Ali Evershed

The vision for Fanny’s Yer Aunt began in September 2020, when Nancy Stone was the only woman seated at the table to plan future trails at Rocky Point. Staring at the underrepresentation in the room she thought, “What if we create a trail that’s designed and built by all women?”

Nancy pitched the idea to Kerstin Holster, who comes from a different riding background and trail-building style, providing a unique platform for collaboration. She agreed, and they ventured into the North Side of Rocky Point, flagging the route for the trail. 

Shortly after, Allie Hurtgen, Julie Baird, Sarah Olson, and myself, Ali Evershed, joined the team. Our goal wasn’t to just build a rad trail, it was to share knowledge with other women and increase our presence at dig days. We held multiple women-only work parties, where we emphasized education over digging. We talked about tools, corner angles, how to build berms, and trail aesthetics. Questions were encouraged, ideas were shared, and there was no shortage of dirt thrown at one another. 

Spring dig season was cut short due to unusually dry weather, and in the fall of 2021, there was still a lot of work to do. We returned to the woods and continued work on features, cleared debris, and re-routed the trail after heavy rains forced us to rethink our plan. Every dig we continued to learn. This trail taught us to be patient, to listen, and to be present with one another.

A huge THANK YOU to the women who shared our vision and helped build this trail. It was truly a gift to share this experience with all of you. Also, thank you to our male friends who mentored and helped guide us when we had questions. The support this trail received is a testament to how amazing our trail-building community is.

We’re excited to introduce you all to Fanny’s Yer Aunt! We hope you enjoy this trail as much as we do.

Fanny’s Yer Aunt is a response to Bob’s Yer Uncle on the South Side. It’s the first North Side trail that ties both sides together to form an extended loop full of ripping fun! The name, Fanny’s, is a play on a funny, playful, and kick-butt aunt we all wish we had. 

It is a Blue trail, designed for Intermediate to Expert riders. This trail features berms, small jumps, steep sections, a log ride, and tight turns through slopes covered in Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Sword Ferns. All major features are indicated with signs.

The trail can be accessed by climbing Wind Up or traversing Ill Tempered Gnome. It’s divided into three sections (Top, Middle, and Lower) by road crossings. The Top begins with berms that lead into the first feature. Here you have two options: a gap jump (to your right) or a rollable jump (to your left). The trail tightens as it descends, and there are a couple of optional jumps for those looking to get some air. 

The Middle starts with a gentle grade to set up for an optional log ride called, THE LANDING STRIP. Like all wood features, take caution when it’s wet. THE LANDING STRIP will send you into a jump between two stumps, with an optional ride around.  A quick rip through the trees takes you to the Middle exit. Please slow down as you exit the trail; this is an active road with frequent traffic.

As you exit, follow the signs to Lower Fanny’s. The Lower trail begins at the split in the road. The upper portion of this section is fairly mellow. As you descend, keep your eyes up for THE GREAT WALLS OF FANNY,  two s-turns that lead you to a steep plunge into a tight left-hand turn. Cruise down a couple of fast berms into the final descent that sets you up for the last berm (with an optional gap jump on the inside of the corner). The Yield sign indicates your exit from Fanny’s onto RP United.

Please note the following:

  • Ride within your limits and expect the unexpected – rain and wind affect trails!
  • Obey all posted trail signs.
  • Slow down at all road crossings.
  • Rocky Point access is part of a land use agreement with Weyerhaeuser, and is limited to current members of the Northwest Trail Alliance (join/renew HERE). You must also sign a Rocky Point waiver (sign HERE).


Ali Evershed

Allie Hurtgen

Anna Fortner

Bekah Rottenberg

Brenna Strassburg

Camilla Chalmers

Carrie Hutchinson

Carrie Johnston

Cate Burgess

Cindy Bartlett

Deborah Dion

Delaney Kesser

Devyn Ost

Gritchelle Fallesgon 

Hailee Kadow

Heather VanValkenberg

Jessica Combs

Julie Baird

Juliette Kern

Kat Jones

Kathy Broermann

Kayla Gavala

Kerstin Holster

Liz Hildebrandt

Lucie Browning

Megan Horst

Mila Liu-Horst

Molly Russell Holmes

Nancy Stone

Robin Wade

Roslyn Liu

Sarah Olsen

Stephanie Keske

Vinca Swanson