February Crew Leader Training

Written by Nancy Stone

February’s Crew Leader Training was unique compared to NWTA’s Trail Sustainability Institute’s previous training sessions. This was due to the attendance of not only new folks coming through the Crew Leader program but having several LST (Local Stewardship Team) leaders attend as well. As always, everybody’s personal experience lends to opportunities for others to glean more information and expand their knowledge.

Including LST leadership in TSI’s Crew Leader Training brings all of NWTA’s trail leadership onto the same page regarding expectations, procedure, and conduct. Since the Trail Alliance spans from the foothills of Mt Hood and St Helens to the coast, a variety of trail systems are represented by skilled and dedicated folks. Representatives at this particular Crew Leader Training spanned Easy Climb/Cascade Locks, Sandy Ridge, Tillamook State Forest, Stub Stewart, Rocky Point, and Gateway Green.

This diversity of trail stewardship created robust conversations around what restrictions and expectations each landowner/manager presents. Although our trail stewardship is nearly universal across trail systems, NWTA provides stewardship to trails on private, city, state, and federal land. Each one carries its own process and expectations. Crew Leaders are educated on these expectations before each work party in a strong effort to maintain a respectful relationship with the landowners/managers.

This program focuses on leadership skills, in-depth attention to safety, expanding the crew’s knowledge and skill that they are leading, and ensuring that the trails are being built in high quality, sustainable way. Not to be overlooked- the FUN FACTOR is significant! When folks come out to develop and maintain trails, not only should they come away with the pride of a job well done, but having had a good time. Crew Leaders are vital in making sure their crew is wearing smiles and are excited to return for more of the same.

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