Friends Of Gateway Green – Join Now!

“The Friends of Gateway Green (FoGG) was formed as an Oregon nonprofit corporation in March 2009. It filed for and received 501(c)(3) status with the IRS the same year. 

Our mission is to promote the transformation of an under-used, neglected, publicly-owned property into a regional asset that provides open space and recreational opportunities, and improves access to both, while demonstrating Portland’s and Oregon’s commitment to sustainability, and to participatin in the operation and management of the site, once developed”

What’s next for FoGG? We began with a significant focus on the project’s implementation; now, we are looking at a future that includes programming and stewardship. If you are interested in being part of our board, a committee member helping to explore specific tasks and topics, or just general volunteering at the park, we want to hear from you.

FoGG is at a significant turning point—we are pivoting from planning the park’s design and development and moving toward activation, programming, partnerships, and stewardship. We are seeking community members from all walks of life to join in support of Gateway Green. 

Please email [email protected] to start the conversation.