Got Butte?

Weigh in on cycling in Gabbert Butte Nature Park

Part of a swath of upland forest, Gabbert Butte sits nestled among the Gresham, Hogan, and Sunshine Buttes just south of downtown Gresham. One of a complex of extinct volcanoes, It’s a wonderful piece of nature in the city, with springs and streams feeding Johnson Creek, and wildlife such as red-legged frogs and Oregon slender salamanders.

Planning is underway at Metro to improve public access, enhance the existing trail network, and ensure protection of important natural habitat.

Are you interested in a close-in, #ridetoyourride opportunity, accessible via the Springwater Corridor? Please take this short survey to share your ideas about what you’d like at Gabbert Butte Nature Park.

For more information, visit Metro’s Gabbert Butte Master Plan web page.