Grand Opening of bridges at Stub! (VIDEO)

Check out this new video from March work party that shows volunteer team putting the finishing touches on the bridge approaches for “Link’n’Pin” section of Shoofly trail…

(don’t get this one confused with the February 2017 large work party event (video) working on bridges as well – it was a multi-year effort and these were the last TWO work parties that got things to done!)

We’ve achieved something great at the park in March!  Thank you to the many volunteers that have helped us with trail work events on the bridges and all trails at Stub Stewart State Park over the years.  In March 2017, we achieved a milestone – all bridges on Shoofly trail in mountain biking area of the park are DONE, and the Shoofly trail is now officially open top to bottom!

Here’s a New Years Day “thank you to the NWTA volunteer groups” from Park Ranger Blair that is just as applicable on this occasion as it was kicking off 2017…

Between the last two big bridge work events, in February and March we had over 120 volunteers come help get this major trail project moved from the “in progress” column to the “done” column.  Bridges sure aren’t small “one and done” efforts.  These are bridges deep in the trail network as well so that makes for a greater effort.  From concept, funding, the final screw in the final deck plank.. it took more than 4 years.   Would NOT have happened without funding thru the Recreation Trails Project (RTP) Federal grant program managed thru the Oregon State Parks department.  So, thanks for driving your vehicles and buying gas!  (the money for RTP comes from fuel tax…)

What’s next for the trails at Stub?  Lots…

The Stub State Park is a large network of trails that is continually being improved.  It’s a ‘work in progress’ where change is a constant.  Trail enhancement occurs on an ongoing basis by a core team of dedicated volunteers.   NWTA’s Stub Local Stewardship Team has big plans for the next couple years and you are invited to help.  Email if you want to join the team.

Stub Steward has become an amazing westside destination for mountain biking, camping, and general outdoors fun…

Visit Stub Stewart for a day of riding or join us for one of our upcoming events.

  • May 20th is next big volunteer social event sponsored by PDW.  Check out the event info!
  • May 27th is a fun social group ride (a non-race, race event) called LapQuest. Here’s the info:
  • July 21-23rd is the 3rd annual “StubFest” event for that’ll be an epic weekend of camping, riding, learning trail construction techniques, and, oh yeah, doing a bit of trail construction work.  Join us in July!

2017 is going to be a big year for mountain biking at L.L. Stub Stewart State Park thanks to the army of hardworking NWTA volunteers.