Guided Ride at Tillamook State Forest Recap

Written by Susan Martin

The Historic Hiking Trail is a loop ride close to Portland and offers 8 miles of whoops, rocks, hooting and hollering, but fun cascading drops down a trail system before embarking on doable uphill rock gardens to yet another fast downhill through the deep rich natural rain forest that comprises the Tillamook Forest.

On Sunday, October 9th, five riders and the ride leader began the ride loop to sunny skies and very comfortable fall temperatures.   Darren took on the lead, followed by Craig and Lisa.  After a short steep climb, the trail undulated from fast twisty downhills with rock, root, and dirt drops to straight-away sections and more mixed climbing and descents.   

The earned thrills were evident on everyone’s faces, with broad smiles, and with Adrien, Cristy, and Lisa riding over again for a second time, the thrills of the long and challenging root, dirt, and rock drops to University Falls. (Thank you, Darren, for taking videos of these three amazing riders who couldn’t get enough of the downhill fun of this trail section.)

As most of the group had not been to the Tillamook Forest, a ride break was taken to hike down to the University Falls and sit for a while enjoying the quiet and beauty of the forest and the spectacular falls right in the midst of this perfect trail loop. 

Although a short ride, numbers do not represent effort.  The Tillamook Forest is challenging, and the Historic Hiking Loop is just enough to feel a sense of accomplishment but leave, not completely exhausted, but with joy and thrill from riding this great trail system. 

Thank you, Hopworks, for the after-ride beverages.