Photos by Jason Murray (@photomurray)

On Saturday, June 24, NWTA officially opened up the new black flow jump line at Rocky Point. The trail was aptly named “Sumpocalypse” in honor of the sheer number of tree stumps that had to be removed in creating the trail! 

Stumpocalypse is located on the Southside of Rocky Point Trail System, where the newly minted Gappuccino jump trail ends. The corridor was roughed-in before new trees were planted in this area after past logging operations; NWTA stayed ahead of the replanting with excavation of the rough corridor to protect this future build. Now finished, Stumpocalypse offers phenomenal views of the Willamette River, Sauvie Island, and the Portland skyline all on a big air jump line!

To celebrate the opening of Stumpocalypse, NWTA members gathered to ride the trail, enjoy food and beverages and post up to watch riders flow through the jumps. While the trail is built for big air, the safe design means even riders who are progressing in their jump skills can enjoy it.

Speaking of safety, the location of the trail means exposure to the elements, including an often strong wind blowing across the hillside. Riders are encouraged to take in the conditions and consult the windsock located on the trail before attempting to ride, especially as big jumps can be affected by wind while a rider is in the air. Also, please read and understand the sign at the beginning of the trail before you take your first lap. The trail has advanced features and may be something you are not accustomed to riding.  

The completion of this trail would not have been possible in any way without the expertise and dedication of long-time NWTA volunteer Adam Faren. As volunteer project manager, Adam worked diligently with NWTA on every stage of this project; from fundraising and contract development to ordering food for the party! Adam was on the ground daily to help manage the ins and outs of the trail project from start to finish, which is no small task. NWTA is eternally grateful to Adam (and his awesome and understanding wife!) for his support of the organization as a whole to bring Stumpocalypse to the Rocky Point Trail System and the NWTA community.

The trail was constructed by Jack Hill and his team at Emerald Gravity. Huge thanks to NWTA volunteer Charlie Kohlmeier who constructed the Stumpocalypse sign, a critical piece for safety as well as wayfinding. 

And of course, this trail would ultimately not have come together if it weren’t for the enormous and generous support of NWTA donors, who contributed over $25,000 to make Stumpocalypse a reality. Thank you to each and every one of you!!

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