Invest in Developing Riders

Developing riding skills aids the advocacy and trail building aspects of our mission.

Say what? How?

Offering skills development facilities engenders formal and informal coaching. The availability of coaching encourages new riders to join the sport and, by association, NWTA. Better riders are more passionate about the sport. A larger and more passionate member base creates a more cohesive riding community and influential voice. And a strong sense of community is the primary factor in instigating the step to volunteerism.

This is the core reason why Portland’s Off-Road Cycling Master Plan, and Gateway Green, are crucial to NWTA’s future.

But I’m here to talk about Stub Stewart State Park. The NWTA is investing directly in rider development via a new skills trail to be installed at the northern end (main entrance) of the mountain bike area at Stub Stewart. This skills trail will be a place for more novice riders to prepare themselves — alone, or through formal, group coaching, such as from REI — for the more challenging features in Stub Stewart’s trail system.

And you have the opportunity to build and name it: This new skills trail is the central project in the coming May 20th PDW X NWTA work party. As an LST member for Stub Stewart, I’ll be there, leading one of the day’s teams.

Will you?

Delve into it here.