Klootchy Creek Saw Work Recap

The cold and snow didn’t stop seven hardy NWTA sawyers from a massive project at Klootchy Creek on Saturday, March 25. The volunteers showed up at Klootchy Creek to clear hundreds upon hundreds of matted, snow-covered trees left on the ground from a commercial thinning project. The slash was 4-5 feet high in a freshly established corridor — a common occurrence and the reality of building MTB trails in working forests! 

Everyone was met with on site snow after a very snowy drive through the Coast Range for those who weren’t local. This meant the work was wet, heavy and repetitive. Despite that, everyone was eager to run saws and clear the corridor, enjoying the fragrance of freshly-cut evergreens and lingering two-stroke engine fumes. It appeared as though the team chucked more wood than a woodchuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood. 

Ok … so we can’t verify if it was more or less than a woodchuck, but it was a great day!

Huge thanks to NWTA sawyers Colin, Nathan, Jesse, Dan, Steven, Chris, and Nancy. Photos from Colin, Nancy, and Steven.