L.L. Stub Stewart Recap

Happy to report that Stub volunteers have racked up 300 hours of work since the COVID lockdown was lifted. As a team, we have accomplished a lot.

Stub Trail Updates: 

– Shoofly switchback bridge has been repaired, reinforced, and non-slip material was added to the decking.

– Crazy Train and Loki’s Lollipop have been brushed

– Berm corners and tread work has occurred in multiple locations 

– Old trail decommissioning has been completed (as per the land managers request)

– Williams Creek Trail is open. One of the four switchbacks on the north end was expanded. We will continue to improve the other switchbacks as part of our project plan.

– Little Monkey (beginner trail loops) was completed. Little Monkey is located near the MTB area entrance. Ideal for beginners and kids. Check it out next time you ride through.

LOWER Green Horn (Temporarily Closed)

With much regret, the land manager requested that we remove the wood structures from lower Green Horn. The removal of the wood structures occurred on Nov 7th. Currently, LOWER Green Horn is CLOSED until we can complete the transformation. Our current mission is to replace the wooden structures with dirt jumps. If you are interested in helping rebuild the berms and jumps, please email Paul Marietta at [email protected]. Paul is the LST Co-Leader who is overseeing the Freeride area.

The next workday is November 21st

Projects include:

 – Lower Green Horn – rebuilding the dirt jumps

 – Lower Shoofly – fixing the mud…

 – Williams Creek – improving the switchback corners

 – General maintenance and blowing of organic materials off the trail

Trail Ninjas – 

In response to COVID, we created an additional way you can volunteer. 

As a Trail Ninja, you have an opportunity to do solo trail projects which can be done by yourself or as a small project team (i.e. you and your buddies). These projects could be done when it is convenient for you and during ideal weather conditions. This approach to trail work minimizes contact with others while still accomplishing needed trail work.

Want to become a Trail Ninja?  

Please note: To be in compliance with the land manager, all projects need to be coordinated by Ted Dodd and Paul Marietta. Ted & Paul are the Stub LST Leaders who work with the Park Rangers for project approval. Besides, we can help coordinate access to tools. 

It is amazing what volunteers can accomplish when we combine our efforts.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions!

Article and photos by Ted Dodd – NWTA LST