LL Stub Stewart updates and trail days

Written by Ted Dodd

On 4/3/2021 we reached 85% completion on a large project to finally fix the Muck/Mud problem on Lower Shoofly. A hardworking crew finished the dirt work reshaping the trail for better drainage and we hauled a lot of rock to harden the tread. This weekend’s crew was: Kyle Carlson, Jeff Nichols, Brian Cusick, Justin Harington, and Ted Dodd. We would have finished the project but the Canycom Operator (Ted) lost a track and didn’t have any tools to fix it. Ugg…

All that remains is to put the track back on the Canycom (motorized wheelbarrow) and finish hauling in rock. NOTE: We are looking for volunteers to fix the Canycom and/or finish hauling in rock. -Contact Ted if you can help, [email protected]


Large trail project #1 Sunday, April 18th

  • Change Rinse & Repeat to a downhill trail and connect with Lower Green Horn
  • Remove scrap woodpile (with the help of the Park Ranger vehicle)

Large trail project #2 with multiple 6-person crews Sunday, May 2nd

  • Reshape Rinse & Repeat large corners to be consistent with a downhill trail