LL Stub Stewart Wrap Up & recap

Written by Ted Dodd

Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped work on Rinse & Repeat on May 2nd. We accomplished all of our goals PLUS more.

  • As a team, we racked up 220 volunteer hours of work (and remained COVID safe).
  • We built multiple large berms and added fun features consistent with a downhill trail (more coming in the future).
  • We had multiple young trail builders join us today—big shout out to their hard work, excitement, and energy.
  • This will be the last of our Stub project for Paul and me for the summer as it is time to ride. When Fall comes, we will start trail work again.

Together we are making Stub a great place to ride.

Also, check out the new Stub Stewart trail was just added to Trail Forks. HOLLIE’S PoV & BUMPING KNOTS LOOP: https://www.trailforks.com/trails/hollie-s-pov–bumping-knots-loop-435913/

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