Meet Lori Sills

Editors Note: this is the third and last in a series of posts introducing NWTA Board of Director candidates for 2018-2019. Voting takes place at our January 30 member meeting.

Lori Sills

Hi! I’m Lori Sills. I’m a lawyer, a new member of Team AF and I have a cat named Spokes.

Originally from outside of Salem, I moved to Portland about 10 years ago for grad school. It was then that I got hooked on all things bike. I started going on every group ride I could find and joined a group organizing our own weekly social rides around town. Since then, I’ve enjoyed volunteering with the Community Cycling Center, Filmed by Bike, Sunday Parkways, and organizing pennant-making for Pedalpalooza. Most recently, I served as the Treasurer for Umbrella, the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for local groups like Shift, WNBR, Better Block and the Disaster Relief Trials.

I started mountain biking about five years ago, but really kicked up my game when I got my Juliana a couple years ago. Since then, I’ve become addicted to meditative climbs, pushing my limits on descents and kicking it with awesome lady shredders. Although I still enjoy social rides around town and helping to make urban bike fun happen, my passions have shifted and I want to focus my energy on giving back to this amazing mountain bike community. My goal in joining the NWTA board is to lend my talents for paper-pushing and my drive for community leadership to the NWTA and do my part to keep our trails open and encourage more folks (ladies especially) to discover the wonder of exploring the forest on two non-motorized wheels.