Meet Your NWTA Board

Your Northwest Trail Alliance board of directors is composed of talented and dedicated individuals who donate, collectively, thousands of hours of their time to making NWTA tick. They do the less-than-sexy behind the scenes work to ensure that you have access to awesome MTB opportunities from Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams to the coast.

Come to our May member meeting, meet the board and give them a HUGE hug (or high-five if hugs aren’t your thing) for all the work they do.

Bob Lessard, President

Bob joined the NWTA board in 2014 and became President in 2018. Bob is the glue that holds NWTA together. He fields complaints, doles out praise where it’s due and, in general, is a great leader. Under Bob’s watch, NWTA’s membership has grown substantially, we’ve built active communities in the NW Trail Sisters and the Dusty Dads & Muddy Moms, we’ve gained miles and miles of trail and we’ve started opening up new trails in several systems! **More**

Juntu Oberg, Vice President

Juntu joined the NWTA board in 2018 and became Vice President in 2019. Juntu has been active in the Portland/Vancouver mountain bike community since NWTA was P.U.M.P. and is well-known and loved in the Growlers Gulch family. Juntu is Bob’s right hand, filling in when necessary and providing invaluable assistance to the rest of the board as they need it. **More**

Paul Hobson, Treasurer

Paul joined the NWTA board in 2018. As NWTA’s treasurer, Paul dedicates an amazing of his time keeping our books in order. He ensures that our taxes are filed, our insurance is paid and that we’ve got funds in the bank to accomplish all of the awesome goals we’ve set for ourselves. **More**

Owen Rodabaugh, Secretary & Stewardship Director

Owen Rodabaugh joined the NWTA board in 2018 and is the Secretary and Stewardship Director. He is the main board point-of-contact for our Local Stewardship Team leaders, maintains open communications with our partners and land managers and seeks out and applies for grants to help fund trail additions and improvements. **More**

Erin Chipps, Communication Director

Erin joined the NWTA board in 2017 and is our communications director. She publishes our monthly newsletter, keeps our social media relevant and fields an amazing amount of requests for help getting the word out about NWTA events. **More**

Lori Sills, Membership & Community Events Director

Lori joined the NWTA board in 2018 and is our membership and community events director. She heads up our NW Trail Sisters group, organizes group rides, clinics and social events, and communicates regularly with our members regarding their membership status and what they would like to see NWTA doing more of. **More**

Jocelyn Gaudi, Board Member

Jocelyn Gaudi is a Texas native that started cycling in Massachusetts and now calls Oregon home. Jocelyn loves off-road cycling in every form – she is the founder of Komorebi Cycling, the president of the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance and am ambassador for Juliana Bicycles. Jocelyn is passionate about empowering women to adventure by bicycle and has led dozens out for their first bikepacking experience.