Member Highlights – Tiny Shredders

JP, Debbie, Maddy & Freddy D.

The Family Getting Shreddy at Silver Falls!

Favorite thing about mountain biking

When the trail goes woo woo woo (said with hand motions)

– Freddy (4)

Going downhill because it’s really steep and fun and I don’t have to pedal I can just go down.

– Maddy (8)

Why did you join NWTA?

We joined the Northwest Trail Alliance a few months ago after mountain biking as a family for a couple of years. NWTA has been a great way for us to get involved in the biking community to learn about new spots to ride and meet other people who love biking as much as we do.

We especially enjoy the Dusty Dads and Muddy Moms Facebook group which has encouraged our kids to embrace their passion for riding and introduced them to other kids their own age who also enjoy riding.

The amazing trails we love to ride and the great group ride opportunities wouldn’t be possible without NWTA, so we feel that it is only right to support and be a part of this group of amazing and passionate people. We look forward to being NWTA members as we continue to partake of the great riding opportunities the northwest has to offer.

– Debbie, JP, Maddy and Freddy D., NWTA Members Since 2018

Wes & Benson B.

Benson (5) dropping in at Gateway Green!

What do you love about mountain biking?

I love being out in nature, I love watching my son progress every time we ride together. We love meeting new friends on the trails!

Where do you like to ride?

Gateway Green. We live super close so we can ride there from our house! It’s great for a quick ride and has enough features to help progression. Also, Sandy Ridge and Post Canyon.

Why did you join NWTA?

I joined the NWTA to help out with the local trail network, and to help everyone who volunteers. I look forward to meeting more members and finding other families to ride with. It feels great to be part of a mt bike community where everyone shares the same passion!

– Wes & Benson B., NWTA Members since 2019

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