Metro approves plan for trails at North Tualatin properties

Despite the recent objections of property owners near the North Tualatin property north of Forest Park, the Metro Council voted unanimously on Thursday to move forward with a plan that includes creating X miles of mountain bike trails on the land.

“I’m so proud of our members for handling this process in an adult, professional way,” Andrew Jansky of NWTA told He was the only member of the public in attendance.

Among the four parcels of land that make up the North Tualatin Mountains properties, Metro plans to develop multi-use trails on two of them: The Burlington Creek Forest along U.S. 30 and the McCarthy Creek area on NW Skyline Boulevard.

mccarthy burglington

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“It allows us to have a compact urban form, because instead of everybody having to have their own big backyard, we all share a big backyard,” said Metro Councilor Sam Chase.

Janksy said that the plan now faces a land-use study to decide exactly where the trails will go and a review by the county government.

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