Metropolis Maintenance Recap

Written by Nancy Stone, Education & Sustainability Director ([email protected])

As NWTA’s Bike Maintenance Clinic Series continues, we want to give a big shout out to Metropolis Cycles for generously hosting our January clinic. Metropolis’ staff of highly skilled mechanics shared their accumulated knowledge with us, in an effort to elevate our home-mechanic skills. 

Participants had the opportunity to learn the key components of a drivetrain as well as how to keep it in good condition to extend the lifespan of the parts. 

Next we learned how to complete our own tubeless tire set up, including helpful pro-tips on how to plug holes when they are too big of a job for sealant!

Finally, with expert assistance from SRAM representative Derek Kidd, we were shown how to set the suspension on our bikes!

Learning how to maintain our own bikes keeps them running smoother, longer while saving that hard earned money and allowing us to be a bit more self-sufficient. HOWEVER, for those problems that come up that have us scratching our heads, the mechanics at Metropolis have our backs! Metropolis Cycles are long time supporters of the NWTA, be sure to show them some love whenever you get a chance!

Our next Bike Maintenance Clinic will be at River City Bikes on March 3rd in collaboration with the NW Trail Sisters!