Mini Excavator Purchase – Feenaughty

Written by Bob Lessard

We are excited to announce a big purchase that will expand the future trail building. We hope you are ready for riding season 2021 because, without you, this wasn’t possible. We fell in love with the Takeuchi TB216 Mini Excavator. We checked out some pretty cool machines, but ultimately the TB216 had all the bells and whistles and was ideal for our needs. It’s super nimble, durable, quiet, has the adjustable track width you need to get through tight spots, counterbalances well, and configurable for alternate bucket types to do the kind of trail shaping drainage we need to do. The folks at Feenaughty Equipment were fantastic, and since they are sales, service, and rental all in one, we can stick with them and make our lives easier. They treat us very well, and we can’t thank them enough for their support and service. Need to rent a mini-ex or any other equipment? Feenaughty!!!

This purchase brings us closer to filling the demands of trails needed during these times of social distancing. You asked for more trails. We needed the tools to do it. You helped provide it. Thank you to our members and Feenaughty.