New Rocky Point North Side Trail Dedication

On a wonderfully sunny Saturday afternoon on July 1, NWTA dedicated the new North Side trails at Rocky Point!

The Rocky Point trail system has been around for a long time, having been previously referred to as “Scappoose.” The original North Side trails were largely built by two people: Ron Strasser and John Joy.  

Two of the new, prominent trails on the North Side honor Ron and John: The Strasser and Joyride. We were thrilled to have Ron join us as the guest of honor and do the official duty of dedicating the new trails!

Riders enjoyed the celebration with refreshments, including Scooter Sutterer on grill duty cooking up lunch for anyone who stopped by. The sun was bright and the music was playing as riders stopped for some water, had a brat, and enjoyed some great company.

A portion of the new North Side corridors were constructed with a paid contractor. However, the entire North Side system would not exist if it weren’t for the hundreds and hundreds of hours put in by Scooter and Andy Jansky. Scooter and Andy led the charge to clear the woody debris ahead of the segments that the contractor was building, led groups of volunteers in hand-built sections, and used the NWTA machines to build many miles of trails themselves. A huge number of NWTA member volunteers helped with the build throughout the season to support the lead work of Scooter and Andy. Many, many thanks to the both of them for their passion, dedication and follow-through to bring more trails to NWTA and the Portland Metro area.

Finally, thank you to all of our members, sponsors, and donors that support NWTA to make this work possible!