Northwest Trail Sisters New Beginnings for New Riders Ride Recap

24 bold women showed up for the New Beginnings for New Riders clinic sponsored by Proper Cycle Werks at Growlers Gulch trails in Castle Rock, WA on Sunday 01/06!

Despite a strong weather front that moved in the night before, these women arrived, undeterred, ready to learn a thing or two about the magical world of mountain biking.

Kevin & Braden from Proper Cycle Werks were there to perform bike fittings and safety checks, as well as teach new riders some basic skills for success; proper braking, trail etiquette, shift planning and most importantly, giving yourself a little grace.

It didn’t take long before the confidence level started growing and growing. In just 3 hours, these riders went from some apprehension, nerves and caution to attempting and succeeding at punchy climbs, braving some sloppy downhills and finding their confidence around each corner. The forest was alive with plenty of whooping and yelling, the sound of pride and cheering each other along. These group settings prove to be a powerful learning environment.

The next Beginner Ride is scheduled for Saturday January 12th again at Growlers Gulch.

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