NW Trail Sisters Falls Creek Ride

By Janelle Bickford

Our Falls Creek NW Trail Sisters journey on Sunday, September 17 was amazing!  We could not have had a better day.  Our participants were the stars of the day, so we will let them share a bit about their experience.

Allison: “Falls creek guided ride was the best time! I went in not knowing anyone, not knowing the trail, and very nervous. However, immediately I was put to ease with how nice and welcoming everyone was. The ladies that organized it were great leaders and great bikers. I learned a bunch of new tips and tricks for biking that I’ll carry with me in the future. Also, Metropolis Cycles were great and helped with a quick tune up on my bike and provided food and swag at the end. All around it was a great day on the trails with amazing people!”

Greta: “A special thanks to my ride leaders Petra and Laura, who were awesome – so friendly and approachable, offering excellent suggestions and encouragement without pushing anyone beyond what they were comfortable with, sharing snacks and stories, and overall creating a super fun and positive environment. I was nervous to spend the day biking with total strangers, but ended the day having had a blast and with some new friends. And the trail was awesome!”

Julia: “I had an incredible time on the Falls Creek ride with the NW Trails Sisters. The leaders made the ride feel approachable by appropriately pacing the groups to each rider’s comfort level, with lots of great tips and snack breaks along the way. I tried things I definitely wouldn’t have on my own, like biking over a massive log feature! It was great to learn from the experienced leaders, and also to experience the trail with a crew of other rad women. The barbecue at the end was the chef’s kiss! A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this incredible day happen!”

Caitlin: “Thanks for an awesome day on the trails. I had so much fun exploring new terrain and meeting some rad women. I was nervous going into the day because I knew no one, but Janelle and the other ride leaders did a great job of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.”

Madi: “The ride was such a fun opportunity to explore a gorgeous trail that had a bit of everything! The day provided adventure, skill building, and connection between riders of a variety of biking backgrounds. Big thank you to the team who coordinated, led, and fueled us!!”

Huge thank you to Metropolis Bikes for organizing and leading the ride!