NW Trail Sisters – Switchback Climbing Clinic Re-Cap.

Written by event leader & NW Trail Sister Nancy Stone

As if climbing hills with your mountain bike isn’t hard enough, throw in some switchbacks & even experienced riders can be challenged to stay upright. This Sunday (03/17), 22 NW Trail Sisters learned a few key tricks to make climbing switchbacks not only do-able but an exciting challenge to take on. 

Kevin at Proper Cycle Werks broke down that challenge in 3 simple steps: 

1) Look ahead, and when you think you are looking ahead, look even farther. Chin up, eyes up.

2) Power into your turn. Give yourself the speed to get through the turn.

3) Drop your shoulder, lean into your turn.

After each run through, the Trail Sisters had the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback to help assist them in their next trip through the course. 

All of these tips proved to be helpful and coupled with the cheering and encouragement from each other, the forest was alive with the excitement of success and camaraderie.

Following the clinic, the ride crew, Christy, Susie, Juntu & Nancy gave a tour of some of Growlers signature trails with helpful directions that should assist newcomers to navigate their own rides in the system. Overall, the intermediate ride clocked in at 8.8 Miles with 1800 feet of elevation gain. Tired legs and dirty smiles were indicative of a fantastic day on the trails.

The next Intermediate event will be April 7th, it will include a log-over clinic & ride to follow. Details can be found here.

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